Is There Such a Thing As Work/Life Balance?

Balancing Work and Life
An article published on by Cali Williams Yost says that entrepreneurs should discuss work and life, but stop talking about “balance”. She states in her article:

“The way to start a productive conversation on the subject is to ask someone, “How do you manage the way work and the other parts of your life fit together?” The conversation shifts away from limiting, unachievable, one-size-fits-all “balance,” to the possibilities of a person’s unique work+life “fit.” You leave room for the truth that there will be times when work is primary, and the other parts of life take a backseat, and vice versa. And that’s OK. We can learn from our individual “how to” stories.”

Many people have tackled this topic of work/life balance and advise us that there needs to be a balance between work and life or else you will just crash and burn. People have even invented work/life balance calculators to help you readjust your time if you’re spending too much time in one area. If you spend too much time working, your personal life (health, family, etc.) go out of whack. Then if you spend too much time taking care of your personal life, you don’t get any work done.

The truth is, every person’s life is different. The idea of balance for one person may be completely different for someone else. For women, it is possible to handle life with the family while growing a successful, thriving business. It’s been done before.

What it boils down to is how you’re managing the stress of fulfilling your responsibilities. What can you do to not worry so much about that client, your kids, or making your spouse happy? It could be as simple as taking more breaks throughout the day or exercising 15-minute a day. However, it may also involve changing your perspective or attitude about all the responsibilities in your life.

So, how do you manage work and personal life?

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