August Member of the Month: High Street Partners

Alternative Coworking at CoMerge Workplace
High Street Partners’ Employees Hard at Work

Our member for the month of August is High Street Partners, a company that offers international business software and services. If you’re thinking about expanding your business overseas or need help with your existing international business, add them to your contact list!

High Street Partners has helped over 300 businesses, universities, and nonprofits with operations in over 100 countries. They have a regional office in the Mira Mesa area of San Diego, plus a satellite office here at CoMerge on Fridays.

I recently interviewed Melissa Green, the Director of Account Support, who shared her favorite thing about coworking and how coworking has helped employees of High Street Partners…

Why did High Street Partners choose CoMerge as a satellite office?

High Street Partners chose CoMerge as a satellite office due to the close proximity of employees homes to Comerge’s office space, the comfortable, friendly, and small business/entrepreneurial atmosphere, the various resources available (i.e. the office spaces, kitchen area, lounge area, rooftop, etc), and of course the fact that one of the co-owners, BJ Conrad, is the husband of one of our San Diego employees!

What are your favorite aspects of coworking?

My favorite aspects of coworking is the comraderie, speaking and getting to know other companies in San Diego, and the cohesive environment that is encouraged by working together as opposed to working within offices/cubicles.

How has coworking helped employees of High Street Partners?

Coworking has helped the employees of Highstreet by creating a unified environment and more of a “team” setting. It has allowed us to bond together, which I feel has benefited the company by creating happier employees, and will provide for a stronger overall job satisfaction for employees.

Any personal tips you’d like to share to make the most out of coworking?

Personal tips I’d like to share would be to be open to the idea of “non-standard” work space (cubicles, offices), along with being open to meeting others from local companies and sharing ideas. At the same time, I think it’s important to respect the space of those around you and be understanding of the fact that although it’s an open environment, we are all here to do a job and to be mindful of that.

For more information about High Street Partners, visit:

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